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Apple reportedly working on iPhone touchless gesture controls

The tech giant is also developing curved screens for iPhones, according to a story Wednesday.

The iPhone X, which was released last year.
Josh Miller/CNET

Apple is reportedly in the early stages of developing two features for future iPhones: touchless gesture controls and curved screens.

Bloomberg reported Wednesday on the new tech, but said those features won't be coming to iPhones for at least two years, and that's if Apple decides to move forward with either idea.

Apple didn't respond to a request for comment Wednesday.

The features could help Apple differentiate itself in a crowded market where phones generally look the same. That type of work is increasingly important for Apple, since the iPhone is its biggest moneymaker.

Neither of these concepts is new, however. Samsung a few years ago, for instance, introduced a technology called Air Gestures for touchless control of its phones. The Korean tech giant has also had success creating curved screens for its flagship smartphones.

Apple is working on a way for you to control some tasks on a smartphone by moving your finger close to the screen, Bloomberg said. Also, the new screens would curve "inward gradually from top to bottom," not along the sides as with Samsung phones, the publication said.

For this year's models, Apple is reportedly developing three sizes of iPhone, with the largest expected to pack in a roughly 6.5-inch screen. The current iPhone 8 Plus has a 5.5-inch screen.

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