Apple reportedly considering a 5.7-inch iPhone

Sources have suggested that Apple is exploring bigger screen sizes and a wider range of colours for the iPhone.

Nic Healey Senior Editor / Australia
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Nic Healey

Could the next iPhone hit the "phablet"-level screen size of 5.7 inches?

The current iPhone sports a 4-inch screen. (Credit: Apple)

According to Reuters, the answer is yes, with "four people with knowledge of the matter" saying that big changes are in play for the iPhone.

These include at least two big-screen iPhones, one of 4.7 inches and one of 5.7 inches, to be launched next year. This would be a big change from the current 4-inch screen.

Price is also being considered, with the sources saying that a low-cost iPhone is being planned. This model would be made of cheaper materials, and would be around US$99.

These models would be available in a wide range of colours, leaving the black and white for the more premium versions of the iPhone. The report said that the cheaper model would be assembled by Pegatron, with Foxconn working on the high-end iPhone, tipped to be called the 5S.

Although Apple isn't commenting on the report, CEO Tim Cook was questioned last month at the AllThingsD conference on why the company hasn't launched different-sized iPhones. Cook replied: "We haven't so far. That doesn't shut off the future."