Apple Replacing Some iPhones Due to WiFi Issues

Apple Replacing Some iPhones Due to WiFi Issues

Ben Wilson
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Yesterday we reported on an issue in which the iPhone 3G fails to find and or connect to otherwise valid WiFi networks. The response from iPhone Atlas readers was overwhelming, with dozens of users (of both original and 3G iPhones) reporting the issue.

Among the reports:

  • "Thought I was losing my mind. Although I don't have a 3G. I have the first generation 8 gig. I have a wifi network in my house that ensures connectivity with my laptop from the road in front of my house. I live on over an acre of property but I can't sit in a room 10 feet from a repeater and get a signal. I literally have to hold the phone next to my linksys, start, stop, and start the service again to get a connection."
  • "I all of a sudden have had exact same problem as your article states. I have Apple PowerBook, original iPhone (used as Touch now) and iPhone 3G. PowerBook and 3G wifi is working perfectly normal. All of a sudden wifi on original iPhone stopped working. Does not find any networks at all when always would show a few to choose from including my home network."
  • "My iPhone 3G intermittently loses Wifi connectivity. Sometimes it comes back on its own, other times, power cycling the wireless router and sometimes additionally the cable modem will re-establish connection. Often, if other wireless networks are present they will show up, sometimes not."

Meanwhile, we're now receiving reports from users indicating that Apple is replacing iPhones with WiFi problems at the Genius Bar, noting "hardware issues."

One reader writes:

"I had the same problem with my first generation iPhone after about 6 months of use. I couldn't connect to a wi-fi network and/or keep a wi-fi signal for more than a few seconds. I tried everything to fix it (full restore, changed router settings, etc.) Eventually made an appointment at the Genius Bar and was told that it was a hardware issue. They gave me a new phone since it was still under warranty and I haven't had the problem return."

Another adds:

"I had the same issue with my iPhone 3G. Took it to an apple store and they looked at for for thirty seconds and then replaced it."

Among the fixes to try before taking your iPhone in for service:

  • Turn WiFi off then on in Settings.
  • "Forget" the currently configured connection and allow it to reconfigure
  • Switch the router to WPA2
  • Remove all spaces from the WPA pass phrase
  • Remove all security from the router until a stable connection is attained then reconfigure the security

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