Apple releases iPhone OS, SDK 3.1 beta 3

Apple release iPhone OS, SDK 3.1 beta 3 to developers this week.

David Martin
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David Martin
Apple, Inc.

Several weeks after iPhone OS 3 beta 2 release, Apple posted new, beta 3 versions of the iPhone OS 3.1 firmware and the iPhone SDK 3.1 for developers. The OS 3.1 is available for all versions of the iPod Touch and the iPhone, while the SDK 3.1 is available in versions that are compatible with Leopard and Snow Leopard.

We received only one anonymous tip so far (shown in the picture below) that Voice mail now has an Audio button that allows you to select an audio source.

We don't know what other changes the beta brings, but we're hoping it contains bug fixes for problems we've covered here and here.

If you've seen and used this latest update, please tell us about your experiences with it in the comments