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Grab the Beats Powerbeats3 with Apple's W1 chip now

Beats releases the Powerbeats3, a wireless set of earbuds that feature the latest in Apple Bluetooth technology.

Beats screenshot via Gordon Gottsegen/CNET

Apple's latest wireless headphones, the Powerbeats3s, are now officially available in the Apple store, after their initial unveiling at Apple's iPhone 7 launch event.

When Apple released the iPhone 7 and wireless AirPods in September, it was clear that the tech titan would make a big to-do about wireless headphones. This latest showing by Apple's Beats brand is important because it uses the company's specialized chip, the W1, to go wireless. Aside from the AirPods, this is the first product to use that W1 chip.

Advertised for its efficiency, the Powerbeats3 will auto-pair with your Apple devices, and claims to have up to 12 hours of battery life. Speaking of battery, the new Fast Fuel feature promises to provide 1 hour of use after only 5 minutes of charging.

Although you can use the headphones for whatever you'd like, they are marketed for active lifestyles. Adjustable earhooks give a customizable feel while holding the buds in place. The Powerbeats3s are also water-resistant for rainy or sweaty workouts.

The Powerbeats3 retails for $200, £169.95 and AU$259.95. If that price is a bit too steep but you are loyal to the Beats brand, look out for the BeatsX wireless earbuds coming later this fall. Although the BeatsX have only 8 hours of battery life, they still feature the W1 chip and will sell for $50, £40 and $AU 60 less.

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