Apple Pay Cash hits iPhones next week

The Venmo-style money service will officially roll out to iOS devices next week.

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Brian Bennett
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If you're excited about using Apple Pay to pay friends and family, you'll be able to do that starting next week.

Apple has scheduled its Apple Pay Cash service to roll out next week, according to the Apple Support Twitter account. The function lets iPhone owners send money among friends and family via iMessage. When it launches, you can even ask the Siri voice assistant to zap funds to trusted contact in a flash

Apple did tease Apple Pay Cash's arrival last week when it released the iOS 11.2 update over the weekend. At the moment the only way to get your hands on it is through Apple's public beta program.

Another report even asserts today might be when the feature turns on for some people. According to MacRumors, Apple is gearing up to push its Apple Pay Cash service right now, but that remains to be seen. We did confirm at least one iPhone that has received the feature Monday as of this writing, but that's it.

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