Apple: Open Microsoft Outlook prior to first sync

Apple: Open Microsoft Outlook prior to first sync

Ben Wilson

We previously reported on a number of issues related to Outlook/iPhone synchronization â?? particularly calendar information. A number of potential fixes are contained in this article and our special report on troubleshooting iPhone sync issues.

Apple has now posted Knowledge Base article #306406, which states that you can solve a problem where contacts or calendar events may appear in Microsoft Outlook after syncing by opening Microsoft Outlook on the computer and completing the setup wizard to create a profile prior to synchronizing the iPhone. The article states:

"After creating the profile, then perform another sync. The contacts and/or calendar events from the iPhone should now appear in Outlook. This occurs because Microsoft Outlook does not create a file for contacts or calendar events until after it has been opened. Until the database file has been created, there's no place for iPhone contacts and/or calendar events to sync to."

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