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Apple News Plus saw more than 200K sign-ups in first 48 hours

The service is free for the first month.

Apple News Plus
Noah Berger / AFP/Getty Images

Apple News Plus reportedly roped in more than 200,000 subscribers in its first two days.

The iPhone maker unveiled Apple News Plus, its $9.99 per month subscription service, last week. Users can read articles from various publications, including more than 300 magazines. The service is free for the first month, which may have given users a nudge in signing up. 

Apple News Plus has reached more subscribers than Texture, a magazine app Apple bought last year, had at its peak, according to a Tuesday report by The New York Times. Following the launch of its premium news service, Apple said it would retire Texture on May 28.

Before the launch of Apple News Plus, some publishers were reportedly hesitant about participating in the service because Apple reportedly would keep half the subscription revenue. The New York Times and The Washington Post ultimately didn't participate in the news service.