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Apple music event September '09: As it happened

We pumped our trusty reporters brimfull of coffee and sent them down to Apple's event, tasked with the mission of bringing you the latest news via a live blog

Hello, Internet, and welcome to our live blog from Apple's press conference in San Francisco. We sent a crack unit of Cravers to write a live blog and they gave us a blow-by-blow account of the show, with news of an iTunes revamp and new iPod touches and nanos. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

19:59: The Apple Store is back up, with prices for the new iPod touches and iPod nanos. The touch is going for £149 for 8GB, £229 for 32GB and a whopping £299 for 64GB. The nano is £115 for 8GB and £135 for 16GB. All ready to ship straight away, except the two bigger touches, which'll take five business days.

19:07: We're about to be treated to a performance from Norah Jones. Make sure you check the site later for our hands-on photo stories of the new iPods, and tomorrow for our video test.

19:06: Very little happened on the iPod front today, but what should Apple have done? Leave a comment below.

19:05: The TV ad is pushing the colourful nature of the nanos and the camera. Simple and effective, as always.

19:03: It also has a larger, 56mm (2.2-inch) display. The camera is towards the bottom of the device on the back. There are loads of colours too. 8GB and 16GB models appearing -- all available today.

19:02: Voiceover is being added, and Genius mixes. FM Radio built in -- FINALLY! Also a voice recorder app for the built-in mic, and a pedometer.

19:01: He is showing off the video quality, but it's impossible to get a sense of whether it's any good until we see it, which we'll be doing later on. They have sold 100m iPod nanos.

19:00: Ah -- he was messing about. He means there is a camera and a mic on the back of an iPod nano -- this man is a master showman. The nano is still as thin as before though. You can sync the videos back to the computer and send to YouTube with one click.

18:58: But STEVE IS BACK! One more thing... A video camera. Apple has noticed that YouTube is popular, as are things like Flip Video's camcorders. "We want to get in on this". There will be an 8GB unit for "free".

18:56: There will be a range of headphones with the iPod shuffle headphone control built in. Black, silver, green, pink and blue are new colours. $59 for 2GB, $79 for 4GB, shipping today. Also a special edition made out of stainless steel, available online and in store. No price revealed for that.

18:54: Next is iPod classic. Capacity goes to 160GB. Same price and same size. iPod shuffle next.

18:51: The iPod touch is dropping in price to $199 for the 8GB version in the US today. At $299, a 32GB appears. At $399, there's a 64GB version. Phil says it's faster -- an upgrade to the 3GS chip? -- and will run Open GL graphics. 

18:50: Command & Conquer and Need for Speed: Shift also coming to the iTunes store.

18:48: This is the game that's a bit like netball, right? Or is it rugby? You can draw on the screen to send the players in the direction you want, in that bit just before they go, "Hut, hut, hut."

18:47: EA is talking about Madden NFL 10. This is where the UK lot are going to struggle.

18:45: Now it's Nova, where you defend humanity against attack. With an iPod touch! Nate says: "This looks pretty sweet." It's a first-person shooter. The graphics look pretty impressive for a handheld.

18:42: Now Bart is talking about a game that looks rather like an iPod touch Guitar Hero. You move the iPod around a ball that powers down a road against a beat -- the better you do the faster the beat goes. It's called Riddim Ribbon.

18:39: A man who looks 14 is talking about Assassin's Creed. Bless him -- does his mum know he's out? The game doesn't look too shabby though.

18:38: How many of them are any good though? That's what the comment section is for, folks! Oh, and we'll check exactly what is new in the iPod touch in our story later. Don't worry though, it's nothing we haven't heard from the iTunes 9 section. Not yet, anyway.

18:36: There are over 21,000 games for the iPhone, compared to the paltry number on the PSP and Nintendo DS, he says.

18:34: They are showing a Dell laptop and saying it doesn't fit into a pocket like the iPod touch does! He's also saying it's better than things like the Nintendo DS and PSP for games. The games are expensive and the buying experience is terrible.

18:33: Hmm, that might not be 100 per cent right. Phil is a little confused about what is new and what is old, but it's really great, apparently.

18:33: They are adding all the iTunes 9 features to the iPod touch -- Genius mixes and so forth.

18:32: He's still telling us how great the iPod touch is.

18:30: The iPod touch is the fastest-growing model. Have sold over 20m of these. You should have all bought the iPhone really. Phil is telling us how great the iPod touch is.

18:29: More graphs. Apple's sold over 220m iPods to date. In the US, iPod has 73.8 per cent market share, with 'other' next, SanDisk and Microsoft below. Over 50 per cent of customers are buying iPods for the first time.

18:28: iTunes 9 available today for free at apple.com. Now Phil Schiller is on to talk to us about iPods. DON'T GO STEVE!

18:27: Now looking at iTunes extra. Wall-E has a lot of stuff to go with the purchase of your movie. It's like the animated menus on DVDs, but good.

18:26: The Dave Matthews Band lyrics look pretty cool. Very visual -- we can see why Apple is making the comparison to LP vinyls.

18:23: Looking at an album by the Doors. Loads of pictures, lyrics to go with each song, all displayed in the iTunes window. There are also some Doors videos recorded exclusively for the LP. An old man is reminiscing: "Let's form a band man! Cool!" Sorry, Crave can't identify that particular member of the Doors.

18:22: If you click a small thumbnail of an album, you get a pop-up preview of it, like on the Amazon MP3 store. You can share info on albums and songs on Facebook and Twitter.

18:19: In home sharing, you can stream music from another computer or copy tracks, by the looks of things. The iTunes store looks different, but about as bewildering as before. There is a menu at the top with drop-downs to take you to a certain section.

18:17: We're into the demo. You can see all the pages on an iPod touch and iPhone, and drag the apps around to where you want. There is a list of the stuff you have installed on the left, with a graphical representation of what the iPhone looks like on the right.

18:16: If you bought an LP in the past, you get it again -- things like lyrics, notes, images, all the sort of stuff you used to get on vinyl records. Apple is giving the tools to the artists and labels so they can create their own thing.

18:14: There's a new store with new artist pages, new movie pages and new TV pages. Also iTunes LP.

18:13: You can also manage your apps on an iPod touch or iPhone from iTunes, re-arranging them via a computer. Next -- home sharing. You can copy songs around five authorised computers around the house. Drag and drop songs and suchlike around the different computers in your house.

18:12: Next is better syncing. You can choose to sync music from a certain artist or genre onto your iPod.

18:10: 54bn songs submitted from their libraries so far. Genius mixes sounds like Last.fm -- they will go on playing songs from your library.

18:09: iTunes 9 is introduced today. Some changes to the user interface. Genius mixes is a new feature.

18:08: Now we're onto music, and iTunes. iTunes store is the number-one music retailer in the world. Have sold 8.5bn songs, and 100m accounts opened with credit cards.

18:06: iPhone OS 3.1 is coming out with bug fixes and new features. First is Genius. Genius technology applied to apps, so you get recommendations for apps to download based on the apps you own. An extra button appears on the iPhone store, with recommendations. Ringtones added to the iTunes store. 30,000 ringtones from four labels. $1.29 each in the US. Buy them from the iTunes store.

18:05: Today, we're talking about music, and Phil Schiller will be joining. iPhone first. Apple's sold 30m iPhones so far. One of the reasons is the App Store, with 75,000 apps. Over 1.8bn apps downloaded. That doesn't include updates.

18:04: Steve: "I now have a liver of a mid-20s person who died in a car crash and was generous enough to donate it". He's thanking the Apple community for their support and recommends we all become organ donors.


18:02: We're on, world. It's Steve himself! He walks! The US crowd have gone mental with applause. It has to be said: it's good to see him back where he belongs. He looks very, very thin, but happy to be there.

18:01: Banana break.

17:58: We will have some hands-on pieces on the site for you tonight, written by our very own Nate Lanxon. Stay tuned for the real deal soon. We're now gawping at pictures from the YBCA Theatre in San Francisco. It's going to start soon, trust us.

17:57: To be fair, the Apple stores we've been in beat the pants off shopping in PC World. Incidentally, there's one in Tel Aviv!

17:53: Oh goody, we're now onto the topic of "shop in a shop" with "highly trained solution consultants". There are 205 of these today, with more to come. Don't worry, dear reader -- it gets good in about 5 minutes. Make a cup of tea or something.

17:52: Pascal is very proud of the shops and the online store -- you know, the one that goes down every time a new product is launched. There are 21 Apple stores in the UK. Fact. And France is getting one at the Louvre.

17:51: Apple is number one in education too, apparently. We thought students were supposed to be poor.

17:50: The iPod has 69 per cent of the UK market in volume. Won't make the obvious joke. Europe will get the iTunes Europe concerts.

17:49: Graphs -- mmmm. Apparently, Apple has performed 17 points above the market. Sexy time!


17:48: This guy also gets to look after India now, which has 300m mobile phones. That's a big job.

17:46: He's saying the iPhone is the number-one phone in many countries, and that supply of the phone is improving. Gameloft has sold 6m iPhone games, apparently.

17:45: Pascal Cagni, general manager of EMEA, is here. He's one of the people talked about as a replacement for Steve Jobs.

17:42: We're staring at a screen that says: 'It's only rock and roll, but we like it.' The normal run of things is for the head of the European arm to come out and tell us how well the European arm is doing, followed by the proper conference from the US.


17:40: Strangely, we're actually watching a satellite feed of the presentation from San Francisco. We're sat in a row of fellow bloggers and the smell is a mix of last night's curry and stale booze. You've got to love UK tech reporters!

17:39: Hi, all. We're sat with bated breath waiting for the arrival of the great Apple Gods to tell us what we'll all want to buy this Christmas.