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Apple iPhone trade-ins start ahead of 5S launch, not in UK

Apple is set to launch a trade-in scheme that gives you money off your next iPhone in return for your old blower -- but not yet in the UK.

Nick Hide Managing copy editor
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Nick Hide
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Apple is set to launch a trade-in scheme that gives you money off your next iPhone in return for your old blower. The news comes ahead of Apple's anticipated iPhone event on 10 September.

An Apple representative confirmed to me that reports out of the US saying the scheme is starting today were accurate, but added it isn't yet coming to the UK. "This programme is currently US only and we have nothing further to add at this point in time," he said in a statement.

Tim Cook is rumoured to be taking the stage a week on Tuesday to announce new iPhones -- a regular upgrade almost certainly called the iPhone 5S, and a cheap and cheerful new plastic mobile called the iPhone 5C.

Letting customers trade in their old phone in part exchange for a new model is standard business practice, but something Apple hasn't offered until now. There's no word yet on how much you'll get for the various old iPhones, or whether it'll only be via Apple Stores.

The new iPhone 5S is rumoured to come in a rather gaudy champagne gold colour as well as the usual black and white, but will otherwise resemble the iPhone 5. The curvy iPhone 5C will apparently appear in a rainbow of lovely hues, reminiscent of its iPods.

Would you welcome an official Apple trade-in scheme? Or do you get hold of your new phones via networks or resellers? Give me a shout in the comments, or on our recycled Facebook page.