Apple iPhone OS 4.0: Multi-touch and multitasking rumours

Red-hot rumours about the next version of the iPhone OS have burned a hole in the Internets, and we could see it next Wednesday at the Apple event

Flora Graham

Tech blog Boy Genius Report is leaking Apple rumours like a spine-tingling sieve, including a possible first glance at what's in store for iPhone owners with the next version of Apple's iPhone operating system.

BGR reports that its anonymous source has seen more ways for applications to run in the background to allow multitasking. There's also a simplified and streamlined user interface, and improved calendar and contact syncing. Could that be the Facebook contact sync that is now de rigueur on Android phones such as the Google Nexus One?

One feature the iPhone slaps Android-powered phones in the face with -- like a dead insult fish -- is multi-touch, and the rumours are that more multi-touch gestures will be available in iPhone OS 4.0.

We may see a larger-than-life version of the iPhone OS on the fabled iTablet we expect to be launched next Wednesday, which should give us a hefty hint as to what's also in store for this year's iPhone.

Photo credit: Boy Genius Report