iPhone 8 could bring you wireless charging, face recognition

It will also have a fingerprint sensor under its screen and a thinner bezel, according to a trio who say they work at Apple manufacturer Foxconn.

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Apple's annual  WWDC  conference is less than a day away, but you may not have to wait until then for some saucy Apple news.

A trio of people who work within Foxconn, the Chinese manufacturer that makes many of Apple's products, did an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Reddit over the weekend, where they dished on the iPhone 8 , Apple Glasses, upcoming MacBooks and more.

Note: The team was verified by Reddit mods, but their information wasn't. In other words, the employees are likely legit, but it's still worth taking this all with a grain of salt. 

According to the trio, the next iPhone , which was referred to as iPhone X, will feature wireless charging and use Apple's Lightning input, not USB-C. It'll feature a fingerprint sensor under its screen, its rear camera will be reoriented from horizontal to vertical and the phone will use facial detection and retina scanning through its front camera. It'll also follow the new trend of slimmer bezels, with the insiders noting the next iPhone's design will be similar to the one found in the middle phone of this picture.

Potentially confirming recent reports, the insiders added that production of the upcoming iPhone has been delayed. 

The most interesting information, though, was about Apple Glasses, which is the company's take on AR-powered headwear. Or at least, it could be.  

The insiders noted that Apple may be abandoning the project, estimating the Glasses had a "65 percent chance" of getting cancelled. Should they make the cut, Apple Glasses are expected to hit the market sometime in 2018 to 2019, they said. Thanks to a microphone, accelerometer and magnetometer, commands could be made not just with your voice, but with a nod for "yes" or a shake for "no." Based on its bill of materials, the insiders estimate the Glasses would cost $600 (that converts to AU$800, £465). 

The insiders also reported:

  • Apple's Siri-infused speaker, expected to debut at WWDC, will feature a "modified A9 processor." (The A9 was the chip used in 2015's iPhone 6S.) 
  • No MacBook Pros "within the 18 month horizon" will get a full touchscreen.
  • An iPhone 7S is in the works, separate from the "iPhone X," which will presumably become the iPhone 8. 
  • The MacBook Air line is "discontinued" for now, though they noted "the brand could be recycled." 
  • This year's iMac release will be an "incremental update," with more substantial changes delayed until next year. 
  • The 15-inch MacBook Pro will get a 32GB RAM option.

Again, Reddit was able to verify the Foxconn employees, but not the information they provided. We'll find out if at least some of this is true tomorrow at WWDC

 Apple was contacted for comment but did not reply. 

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