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Want a cheap, new iPhone? Don't buy it here

Turkey is the priciest place to pick up a new iPhone 7. Can you guess which countries tie for cheapest?

Óscar Gutiérrez/CNET

An iPhone 7 is an iPhone 7 is an iPhone 7. Unless you're buying it in Turkey, Brazil or Russia, where retail prices balloon to 147, 137 and 133 percent higher than the equivalent in US dollars.

That's according to Deutsche Bank, which ranks the cost of an iPhone 7 in 33 different countries (see chart below). Can you guess who else made the top five for expense? Greece and Poland. The cheapest place to pick up the iPhone is actually a tie between the US and Japan.

The iPhone's price could very well soar for everyone if rumors come true that a dramatically redesigned iPhone 8 will cost over $1,000 due to a heap of special features. Consider that in Turkey, Brazil, Russia, Greece and Poland, the iPhone 7 already costs more than that in US dollars.

One interesting tidbit from the report is that in India, it is actually less expensive to buy an iPhone 7 than an iPhone 6S: the equivalent of $902 for an iPhone 7, versus $933 for the 6S.

Check out the chart below for the complete breakdown of countries. Bear in mind that currency changes may have shifted the prices slightly since the chart was compiled, and that some countries, such as those in Europe, include local taxes in quoted prices.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Deutsche Bank