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Apple Cards app: make and mail cards from your phone

Apple has unveiled Cards, a new app that lets you design and create greetings cards right on your iPhone or iPad.

We can't say we saw this one coming. Apple's new Cards app lets you design and create greetings cards right from your iPhone or iPad. Come up with the design, and Apple does the rest, including printing it on 100 per cent cotton paper and even posting it for you.

There are over 21 designs in six categories, including birthdays, birth announcements, love and travel. That noise you hear? It's a Moonpig exec weeping into his printer.

Apple didn't announce any UK-specific pricing, but for US customers Cards will cost $2.99 (£1.94) if mailed within America, and $4.99 (£3.24) to send it internationally. The app itself will be free, and will be available on 12 October, the same day as iOS5 launches.

Apple made the announcement at its "Let's Talk iPhone" event, where it's launched the iPhone 4S. It also announced it had sold over 300 million iPods -- no mean feat at all.

Would you use Cards? Or is printing and sending cards redundant in this day and age? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Image credit: Engadget