Apple Application Crashes in iPhone OS 2.1

Apple Application Crashes in iPhone OS 2.1

Ben Wilson

While iPhone OS 2.1 has dramatically reduced the number of third-party application crashes for most users, some users have experienced an increase in crashes from Apple-supplied applications like Safari, Mail, Calendar and others.

One Apple Discussions poster writes:

"Since the 2.1 update I have experienced crashing in several areas where I have never experienced crashing before. My Calendar has crashed, Preferences has crashed several times, and Safari is almost unusable if you plan on browsing for more than 10 minutes or so. Rebooting the phone appears to solve the crashing for an hour or so, then boom everything starts crashing. Anyone else seeing stability problems, especially with Safari?"

Another poster adds:

"Mail is unusable. Crashes every time I open it. I cannot even go into mail settings. I did a restore twice. The problem goes away for 2-12 hours, but comes back. I even removed all mail accounts after my last restore and re-built them, one IMAP one Exchange, and nothing but crashes. Very frustrating for someone who works in "real time" and needs data on the fly."

The first step in troubleshooting these issues is generally to force quit this misbehaving application by launching it then holding the home button for several seconds until you are returned to the home screen. This can clear improper application settings that could be causing crashes.

We have also received reports indicating that reducing the number of installed third-party applications (as we've previously recommended) can resolve these issues.

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