Apple lets existing Fortnite players use 'Sign in with Apple' to log in to accounts

Epic Games, which makes Fortnite, said earlier that gamers might lose access to the feature. Now it's received an "indefinite extension."

Ian Sherr Former Editor at Large / News
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Ian Sherr

In 2019, Apple announced a new sign-in feature, similar to Facebook's and Google's ubiquitous buttons around the internet, designed to help people with iPhones , iPads and Macs more easily create and sign in to their accounts on other websites and apps. Now that feature is caught in the crossfire between Apple and Fortnite maker Epic Games.

On Sept. 9, Epic warned in a tweet that Apple was revoking Fortnite's use of the feature in two days, further crippling some gamers' ability to use the app. Apple in August kicked Fortnite out of its iPhone and iPad app store over a dispute about money. Then it revoked Epic's ability to publish other games, such as its popular Infinity Blade series, first released a decade ago. Epic has asked a federal court to force Apple to reverse its decisions.

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In the meantime, people can't download Fortnite onto their iPhones or iPads, and those that already did won't be able to update their copy of the game when new features and storylines are published.

But at least they'll be able to sign in to their accounts, Epic says, with an "indefinite extension" from Apple over its rules. "We still recommend you prepare your accounts now for 'Sign in with Apple' removal," the game maker said. Apple confirmed it won't be changing Sign in with Apple for Fortnite.