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Apple AirPod charging cases can now be engraved with emojis for free

Because, why not?


Had to do it.


In a move seemingly made for the internet, Apple has begun allowing people to engrave emojis on the charging cases for their $159 AirPods wireless headphones.

Fans of the little cartoons used to convey everything from a single emotion to a double entrende in text messaging will now be able to choose an emoji to engrave on an AirPod case for free when purchasing the device from Apple.

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Unfortunately for some emoji superfans, Apple does have limitations on what you can engrave. The company currently offers 31 emoji to choose from, including the fist bump (👊), the Valentine's Day-appropriate kissy face (😘) and tech's own favorite animal, the unicorn (🦄). 

Even if you think it's a 💩idea, Apple's offered free engraving going back as far as the iPod music players nearly two decades ago. The company's since expanded those options to the iPhone, iPad and AirPods.


The emoji you can engrave your AirPods with.