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Apple acquires Power Computing

Apple Computer announces that it will acquire Mac clone maker Power Computing in a deal worth $100 million.

The rumors have come true. Apple Computer (AAPL) has purchased the core operations of Power Computing, the largest Mac clone maker, in a stock deal worth $100 million.

Apple said it has acquired the "key assets" of Power Computing, including Apple: No clear strategy employees who are experienced in direct marketing, the company's customer database, and the license to distribute the Mac OS operating system.

"We look forward to learning from their experience, and welcoming their customers back into the Apple family," said Steve Jobs, an Apple board member, in a statement.

Power Computing has been one of several Mac clone makers that have been wrangling with Apple over licensing fees for the company's latest version of the Mac OS operating system.

Two weeks ago, Joel Kocher, Power Computing's president and COO, announced his resignation, saying that he had disagreements with the company's management on the Apple licensing issue.

Power Computing will retain its name and will sell Mac-compatible computers through the end of this year.

"We believe that in our small way, we have helped to make the Macintosh stronger, and that the spirit of Power will live on," said Stephen Kahng, Power Computing's founder and CEO, in a statement.