Anybody want a cheap Android phone?

Is AU$1000 too much for a phone? Then you might be in the market for the Millennius Google Phone.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
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If you follow smartphone pricing you'll notice that the RRPs of some of the hottest new products is creeping down, but by that we mean from an average of about AU$1000 to somewhere around the AU$800 mark. How would you like to half that for your next Google Phone?

Mellennius Google Phone
The Millennius Google Phone is coming. (Credit: Millennius)

Australian distributor Millennius is gearing up to launch its very own Android-powered handset in Australia and is planning on keeping the prices down. What we believe is called the Millennius Google Phone (MGP) will come in 8GB and 16GB flavours, for the very reasonable cost of approximately AU$400 and AU$450 respectively. Why so cheap?

Good question! The specs rundown for the handset is pretty impressive for the price, Millennius saves a bit of money using a resistive HVGA (360x480) resolution rather than a capacitive WVGA (800x480) display, which we tend to see on Android phones from HTC and Samsung. The screen aside, the MGP runs a 600MHz processor with 256MB RAM, HSDPA (including Next G compatibility), Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an accelerometer and digital compass for Google Maps. It will run Android version 1.6 so it will come with the standard suite of Google apps, and the Market for downloading more.

Millennius is hoping to start selling the Google Phone through its website in about a month's time and will hopefully offer review units to us before then. Not that we want to sound too cynical, but we'd suggest reading a few reviews before you take the plunge on a smartphone in this price range.