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Anker's new USB-C Nano II chargers are smaller and more efficient

The new 30-, 45- and 65-watt Nano II USB-C chargers use GaN II technology that make them faster, smaller and safer, Anker says.

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David Carnoy

Anker's new Nano II chargers.


Chargers may not be the sexiest tech, but for those who appreciate high-wattage chargers in small packages, Anker's new line of Nano II chargers is something to get excited about. Powered by gallium nitride, or GaN II, technology, the new Nano II chargers come in three power flavors: 30 ($30), 45 ($36) and 65 watts ($40). According to Anker, they "transmit energy more efficiently, take up less space, and better regulate temperature than our previous generation."

All have a single USB-C port and use Anker's PowerIQ 3.0 technology that "intelligently allocates optimal wattage to the plugged-in device," Anker says. The 30-watt model is designed for devices like phones and tablets, but will also charge a MacBook Air

The 45- and 65-watt models can also charge smaller devices, but are more aimed at owners of USB-C-equipped laptops, with the 65-watt version able to charge a 13-inch laptop at full speed. In particular, the 65-watt charger seems impressively compact and is 58% smaller than Anker's previous 65-watt charger with foldable prongs, the company says.

Shipping in on June 10, they're available for preorder now at Amazon and Anker's website. No word yet on international pricing.