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Angry Birds Star Wars tops App Store chart in 2.5 hours

Rovio, the company behind the Angry Birds franchise, says the popularity of its new game broke its own previous records.


The Force is strong with Rovio.

The Finnish company behind the Angry Birds franchise said today in a blog post that its latest offering, Angry Birds Star Wars, rose to the top of Apple's U.S. app store in two and a half hours -- breaking its own records.

The game launched yesterday to positive critical reviews and remains the top paid app in Apple's App Store today.

Angry Birds Star Wars represents the latest in an increasingly large franchise of similar games that continue to be popular with consumers. Rovio has done a good job extending the game to multiple platforms, including smart televisions, and has licensed the Angry Bird brand to different tie-in products, including plush toys, T-shirts, and candy.

Rovio is often held up as an example of a success story in mobile gaming, and the original Angry Birds was considered one of the killer apps back when it was exclusive to the iPhone.

The Star Wars-themed game works similar to both Angry Birds and its Angry Birds Space sequel, but brings in Star Wars details such as lightsabers and locations set on different planets from the sci-fi epic. Read CNET's review here.

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