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Angry Birds for Android out today, for free

Angry Birds developer Rovio has said the full version of Angry Birds will be available on Android for free today, having been delayed for a week.

The full version of Angry Birds for Android will be out by the end of today, and you'll be able to download it for free.

The release of the full, as opposed to demo, version has been delayed by a week. Ville Heijari, of Angry Birds developer Rovio, told us in an email that you can expect the game to finally make an appearance by the end of today.

Angry Birds won't initially be available in the Android Market, though, as Rovio has decided to launch the app on the independent GetJar app store. After 24 hours of being exclusively available from GetJar, Angry Birds will make it to the Android Market.

The game, which involves firing birds from a slingshot in a bid to kill egg-stealing pigs, has become a phenomenon. There have been millions of paid downloads from the iPhone App Store, and there are plans to create a movie, TV shows and comics. A line of soft toys has already been developed, targeted at children and grown-ups who really should know better.

Angry Birds is one of the most popular iPhone games ever, but another game that may well surpass it in terms of popularity is Cut the Rope. Created by well known iPhone developers Chillingo and available for 59p (the same price as Angry Birds), it's stirred up quite a storm in the App Store.

Cut the Rope has apparently been downloaded one million times over ten days on the iPhone and iPad, making it the fastest-selling iOS game to date. The aim of the game is to feed a little green monster by cutting a swinging rope that has candy on the end. 

: GetJar has apologised for the unavailability of its servers on its Twitter account, blaming 90,000 downloads in seconds for overwhelming its systems.