Angry Birds celebrates St. Patrick with free update

If you're an Angry Birds Seasons owner, get ready to go green with 15 new levels' worth of St. Patrick's Day pig-popping. Make it 18 if you "like" the game.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the new St. Patrick's Day levels in Angry Birds Seasons.
You don't have to be Irish to enjoy the new St. Patrick's Day levels in Angry Birds Seasons. Screenshot by Rick Broida

St. Patrick's Day traditions: wearing green-colored clothes, drinking green beer, celebrating the Irish, and, now, flinging birds at pigs. (Kinda fits, don't you think?)

That's right: Rovio just rolled out a St. Patrick's Day-themed update to Angry Birds Seasons, with 15 new levels, two Golden Eggs, a "St. Paddy's Day surprise," and St. Patrick's Day greeting cards you can send to friends via Facebook.

(The above link takes you to the iPhone version. It's also available for iPad, and Android users can get the update starting tomorrow, March 11.)

The "Go Green, Get Lucky" levels come alive with cloverleafs, pots of gold, and a delightful Celtic soundtrack. Oh, and pigs in Leprechaun hats. (This may just be the cutest Seasons update yet.)

Angry Birds fans may recall that Seasons received a Valentine's Day update back in February, and, before that, Christmas- and Halloween-themed levels.

As with the Valentine's Day version, you can unlock three bonus levels just by "liking" the game on Facebook.

Can't get enough Birds? Stay tuned for the game's first movie tie-in: Angry Birds Rio is due from Rovio sometime this month, just ahead of the eponymous movie from 20th Century Fox. Personally, I'd rather see something like Angry Birds: Despicable Me Edition, but I guess birders can't be choosers.

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