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Android Romeo proposes with adorkable custom live wallpaper

You know when people love their football team so much they propose at the stadium? This is that, but with Android phones and a forum.

When the time is right to propose to your significant other, and you decide the way to do it is create a custom boot animation for their Android phone (and you think they'll say yes and not, "What the hell is wrong with my phone?"), who you gonna call? XDA Developers, that's who.

Android fan robo4130, from Scottsdale, Arizona, took to the famous phone-hacking forum and asked the (surprisingly romantic) community for help. He wanted his girlfriend Brittany to turn on her phone and see this:

you make my life complete
i love the little things u do
i want you to make me
the most luckiest guy on earth

His original idea of a custom animation proved too complex. Instead, XDA regular zanderman112 had the bright idea of just clearing her home screen and having an animated wallpaper show the message. "[I] really wanted to have her see it when her phone boots up," robo4130 explained. "She is anal about her home screens lol."

Zanderman pointed the lovesick droidie to the MultiPicture Live Wallpaper app and made a zip file with all the images, then wrote step-by-step instructions on how to get it working.

So what happened, what happened?!

"Zander she cried and said yes," posted the newly engaged robo4130. Hooray! "Thank [you] from the bottom of my heart, u will be getting a donation I promise," he sobbed.

"Congratulations!" congratulated the coding Cupid. "I should tell you that my donate button doesn't give me funds. It leads to ptfdmedic's PayPal, to help out his autistic kids. But please don't let that stop you from donating, he deserves it more than I do, and that would mean a lot to me."

It's nothing, I've just got something in my eye. If you'd like to donate to Zanderman's friend -- donate for love! -- the link is here.