Android Pay Day means free stuff every month when you pay with your phone

Payday is here early this month -- and every month if you're an Android Pay user.

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Katie Collins

Frappucinos -- they may not taste much like coffee, but they are BOGOF.


Google's smartphone payments system Android Pay has been up and running in the UK for a month now, and to ensure people are actually using it, Google has launched a promotion scheme.

Beginning Tuesday, Android Pay Day is set to be a monthly event that will make those last few days before actual payday a little more bearable. Once every 30 days or so, phone owners who use Android Pay will be able to take advantage of offers from the service's selected partners.

Kicking off Pay Day in June are two offers that will have users licking their lips. Starbucks is offering buy one get one free on Frappucinos, for those who like their coffee chilled and tasting almost nothing like actual coffee.

Food-delivery service Deliveroo is giving new users a fiver off their first order for shelling out with Android Pay through its dedicated app. Existing users who already know the delights of getting restaurant-quality grub delivered to their door will get a discount of £2.50, which works out as a free delivery.

If neither of these appeal, keep an eye out for more deals coming next month.

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