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First Android M developer preview update arrives, right on schedule

The latest build addresses a number of bugs and updates over the air.

Google is pushing out the Android M Developer Preview 2. James Martin/CNET

Android M developers get their next taste of Google's evolving operating system with Preview 2 build, announced on Thursday. Just as Google promised on its timeline, the first update to the Android M developer preview build improves Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location performance, as well as USB connection behaviors.

Additionally, Preview 2 also includes Google Play Services 7.6 and some "near-final" APIs for developers.

The Android M Developer Preview program is designed for software authors to test apps and games for the next official release, as well as to report bugs and concerns.

Launched in late May at Google I/O, the code is expected to see another update in late July before the final release in Q3 (autumn, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere).

Available for the Nexus 5 , Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player , devs can install the new release via an over-the-air update, or manually download it here.

Now, who do I talk to about getting Google Now on Tap into that developer preview?