Android gets its own theme bar and water-squirting robot

More proof the world is going Android crazy: the first Android theme bar has opened in Japan, while we could soon be threatened by a tidal wave of water-squirting robots.

Asavin Wattanajantra
2 min read

More proof the Japanese are taking Android to their gadget-loving hearts: a theme bar all about Google's little green robot has opened in the land of the rising sun.

Bar Android is frequented by a growing developer community In Shibuya, Tokyo, and opens on Monday evenings. According to our sister site CNET Asia, you can find doughnuts, eclairs, frozen yoghurt and even gingerbread men on the menu. There's even a place where you can charge your Android device. Check out this Facebook group for more info (although it's mostly in Japanese).

Fortunately there's no Apple prejudice, so it's perfectly possible to bring your iPhone 4 and engage in heated debate. You won't be surprised to learn these types of theme bars are pretty common in Japan. If you're into 80s gaming -- and who isn't? -- you can hang out in bars that pay tribute to classic consoles like the Nintendo Famicon.

One reason why the otaku love Android is its adaptability. It's a mobile OS that can be fiddled and played with, powering some ingenious technology. Witness this extremely cute life-sized robot, powered by an Android handset. And it's not just in Japan. Check out this autonomous little fella called Squirt who's controlled by a Motorola Milestone.

Squirt has two modes -- guard and phone control. In phone control mode, tilting your handset moves the pint-sized shooter around. Guard mode means he'll go out and search for things to drench with that enormous water gun on its back. A processor on board is used for the AI's navigation, taking instructions from the phone via Bluetooth.

He's ideal for watering plants and chasing away raccoons, according to the designer, although Squirt has a timid personality and will comment if his controller's driving skills aren't up to scratch.

Image credit: Frandroid.com