Android Atlas Weekly Ep. 88: Google plays, Apple pays, Android listens (Podcast)

Mobile editor Brian Bennett joins us from New York as we discuss Google's new Play Store, voice apps, and NFC. Also, jelly beans and key lime pie make cameos.

Justin Eckhouse
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Android Jelly Bean OS Photo courtesy of iBN Live

Google plays, Apple pays, and Android listens, all that and more on this week's episode of Android Atlas Weekly for March 8th, 2012.

Watch this: Android Atlas Ep. 88: Google plays, Apple pays, Android listens


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-Goodbye Android Market, hello Google Play

-Google Play offers apps, albums, more for a quarter

-Google planning Siri rival for later this year?

-New Android voice assistant, Robin, rides shotgun

-Key Lime Pie, after Jelly Bean?

-Sprint promises 10 Google Wallet devices this year

-More than just mobile payments. Quick mention

-Verizon officially dishing out ICS to more than 12 devices

-Apple offers Samsung and Motorola licensing deals of $5 to $15 per unit to settle litigation


-Draw Something is the new hotness

-Draw Something Video on CNET TV


Hey Android Atlas I found your input engine you know in love from back in the day with your palmOS trios and what not…
There’s also a free version with ad support.

Check out “”Graffiti Pro for Android”"

-Graffiti Pro


I’m sitting here playing the android game Burning Sands 3 on my ASUS Prime well watching your show, and find myself utterly puzzled with your statement that there are a lack of tablet apps for android tablets. ALL android apps work on tablets. There’s 300,000 tablet apps to choose from. Maybe you need to put down your beloved iPad and spend a little more time researching android. – Max


Hi guys you said you thought there was a difference between tablet & phone graphics but that is not entirely true. When you make an Android app you create a high, a middle, and a low definition image. so a 10″” tablet will use the same image as a phone with a high res screen like the Galaxy Nexus. However in many cases you will want to make a separate UI for a tablet but this is still fairly easy in that UI is done by click & drag and XML.
Keep up the good work, love the show. – Dane


I’m a fan of the google play branding, except for the market. I’m going to be calling it the market as long as I use android regardless, but that’s beside the point.

My question is “”why?”" I was reading an interview from cnet with Jamie Rosenberg where she said
“”Google Play will become a single experience for users. This creates a more powerful experience around Android and also increases opportunities for content partners to interact with more of Google’s offerings.

Did google change the privacy policy again, only this time slipping it in under a rebranding?

With the news for Assistant coming out now, google’s moves to change privacy to share content between more sources only makes sense in the effor to build something a step above siri.

Anyway, it makes sense to me, but I’m also the only place I’ve heard this from, so I wanted to hear your opinion.

Missed having a show this week, otherwise keep up the good work!
- Stephen Colbert



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