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Android Atlas Weekly: Ep. 82: All your info are belong to Google (podcast)

Download.com editor Jaymar Cabebe joins us as we discuss who's making money on Android, upcoming phones, and whether Google's new privacy policy violates its own "Don't be evil" mantra.

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Download.com editor Jaymar Cabebe joins us as we discuss who's making money on Android, upcoming phones, and whether Google's new privacy policy violates its own "Don't be evil" mantra.

Watch this: Ep. 82: All your info are belong to Google


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-How Google’s privacy policy changes will affect Android

-Tap that App

-Android Is No. 1, But Google Says It Still Makes Little Money

-Each Kindle Fire generating more than $100 in additional revenue for Amazon

-What to expect out of HTC at Mobile World Congress

-LG Optimus 3D 2 a second stab at the third dimension

-Samsung Galaxy S III specs confirmed by industry insider?


@antgoo i would like to know if there are any apps for bluetooth controls on bluetooth headsets preferably the motorola ones.

thanks. Travis


hi guys, i am new to smartphones and your show. i heard Antuan take a shot at the casio commando. I just purchased my first android phone and it is the commando. Can you tell me why you are so dismissive of the device? I know its not the bestest most powerful smartphone out there but it is working fine for me. And it looks Kickass.

bob s.

-I want this:


Greetings Guys from De Nederlands

I love the show and listen to it every week. The segment in your last broadcast about user interphase guidelines really caught my attentions. I agree with you about the inconsistency of user interphases with Android apps. In comparison to iOS, it is bloody annoying. I applaud Google for publishing guidelines but I don’t think it goes far enough. I think a simple solution would be for Google to provide a section in the Market for apps delelopers that have followed the guidelines. They should then endorse the product with something like a Google Certificate of Interphase Compliance. The first thing you should see when you open Market is the Google compliant apps. Still keep Market open to developers who wish to use their own interphases. you just have to troll for them. I think that this would please everyone without treading on anyone’s toes and encourage developers to keep to the guidelines. I believe that this would be a cheap and easy solution to one of the most irritating aspects of Android. I use the Samsung Galaxy S Plus and I love the thing. Android is just a great system and is only going to get bigger and better.

Thanks a bunch guys for a great show, It is something I look forward to each week.


Andy (Amsterdam)


I have an EVO 3D and I’ve never had any battery problems. Unless its in roaming or a bad app kicks in, its never been a problem. All day power, even with games playing. I know you guys like to rip in the phone because you’re 3D Haters, but even without 3D, its a sweet and fast phone. – Max Title: The Evo is 4G: Title says is all. You guys need to learn more about the EVO 3D. It still is the best phone in Sprint, and likely will be until those new Quad core NVIDIA phones come out. (Please tell me you guys know about those. You seem to know little about Android) :\


Hello Android Atlas I am Ander and I have an Xperia Play. I have been considering rooting it but I fear for my warranty going void since I have already need to use it in the past. Resnetly I discovered this rooting software called Gingerbreak that is supposed to be able to root your phone without voiding your warranty. I this true? And is Gingerbreak a safe and good way to root your phone?

P.S. Keep up the good work. – Ander


Hello Justin and Antuan,

I will start by saying I love the show, even if at times it gives me serious tech envy. I am writing to ask your opinions about the upcoming Motorola Droid Razr Maxx versus the Galaxy Nexus with an extended battery. I am planning on getting a phone within the next five months or so and was considering getting the Nexus when it came out on Sprint, but decided to stay with Verizon for the 4G LTE that is now in my area. I like to think of myself as a technophile and I cringe at the idea of either no removable storage or a non-removable battery, but these seem like the only two good, high end Android phones out right now. What would you suggest I spend my hard earned cash on, the Maxx, the Nexus, or another device?

Thank you and keep up the awesome show. – Raymond

-Verizon confirms Droid RAZR MAXX price, availability


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