Android activations reach 1 million per day

At the developer-oriented Google I/O show, Google announces a new milestone for its mobile operating system. In addition, 400 million Android devices have been sold so far.

Google's Android menagerie now has a Jelly Bean sculpture.
Louis Gray

SAN FRANCISCO -- A total of 1 million Android devices are activated each day, Google announced today at its Google I/O show today.

The number is a big jump from the 400,000 per day the company reported at last year's show in May. In addition, Google said 400 million Android devices have been sold so far.

"Four hundred million is a pretty huge number, but were definitely not slowing down," said Hugo Barra, director of product management at the show's opening keynote. The more customers use Android, the easier it is for Google to persuade developers to write apps for it and the more customers there are for Google services such as search and maps that generate ad revenue.

Android is the headline item at the Google I/O show designed for developers. At the show, Google also announced Android 4.1, called Jelly Bean.