Android 2.1 finally comes to Moto T-Mobile Cliq

The year-old handset finally sees its first, and likely last, Android update. Yet, we still don't know when Moto's Cliq XT will join it in the jump to 2.1.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster

T-Mobile Cliq CBS Interactive

After an agonizingly long four-month delay, T-Mobile Cliq owners at long last are able to grab Android 2.1 Eclair for their year-old phones.

Motorola and T-Mobile yesterday started actively seeking up to 2,000 users to test out the first, and likely last, update for the smartphone. Today, the handset maker followed up by launching a support page to help guide customers through the process.

Many Android users have taken for granted some of the things that Cliq owners will see. For example, they're just now getting speech-to-text, turn-by-turn navigation, voice search, resizable widgets, seven home screens, and a connected music player. Meanwhile, most of the Android community has enjoyed these features for nearly a full year.

Motorola advises that the update process can take up to 40 minutes to complete from start to finish and recommends checking out this details page before getting started. As of yet, we're still waiting on the Cliq XT's 2.1 update, which is slated for this quarter.

I have no idea how many people still own a Cliq nor how many of them really care about Android 2.1 at this point. My gut tells me that anyone looking for a decent Android experience has likely moved on to a new phone. Having said that, those who do grab the update should be over the moon with the differences.