And some "extras"

There are more benefits to owning a Palm Pre than you might think

Cyn Donnelly
2 min read
I can see myself! Cyn Donnelly

I've, unfortunately, been out of commission lately and very lax in getting any updates in. I'm finally walking back among the living and enjoying the Palm Pre the more that I use it.

I had planned out an entire entry to write this morning and I'll put that on the back burner for later today - my experience on the train coming into the city still has me chuckling.

I zone out on my commute into work. Throw the earphones on, shut my eyes and listen to music all the way in. So as I stepped into the train today my Pre was already in my hand (closed, thankfully) when someone deciding at the last minute to run off the train blew by me, knocking the phone right out of my hand. I heard it smash to the floor and was convinced I was doomed. But, as I've noted before, when it's closed the Pre is one tough egg. It bounced once and stayed put, waiting for me to pick it up. There aren't even any scratches on it from the fall.

As I sat down, a man across from me asked me what kind of phone it was. I noticed he was holding an iPhone. I told him what it was and why I had it and he asked if she could check it out.

I handed it to him and he went on about how the company he worked for was considering paying for everyone's cell phones and switching everyone over to the Pre and how he had read mixed reviews about it (I sent him to CNET!) and then he turned it over, opened it up and exclaimed "It's true!!".

He was looking at the back of the phone, so I couldn't imagine what was "true" and then I noticed he was checking himself out...in the phone.

The back of the Pre has a mini, distorted mirror. It's good enough to check and see if you have spinach in your teeth but not so good it you want to make sure your hair looks good. This guy was getting the biggest kick out of the mirror on the phone. He told me that he had purchased an application for the iPhone that was supposed to be a mirror but it was a hoax (it didn't occur to him that you can't suddenly turn a phone into a mirror if it wasn't one to begin with?) and he really thought a mirror on your cell phone was a great idea.

The mirror sealed it for his guy. He was going into the office to beg his boss for a Palm Pre.

Like a child who only plays with the box not the expensive toy inside it, I guess there's always something someone can find that'll make them happy, no matter how small it is.