Analyst: Samsung phones dominate as iPhone declines

A third of phones sold are Samsung Galaxy phones, as the iPhone's slice of the pie shrank to its smallest in three years.

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A third of phones sold are Samsung phones. New figures saw the Galaxy S4 and its ilk continue to dominate the mobile world, as the iPhone's slice of the pie shrank to its smallest in three years.

New figures from industry numbercrunchers Strategy Analytics reveal that 33 per cent of phones sold between April and June were Samsungs, up from 31 per cent in the same period last year.

The Galaxy S4 and the Note 8 helped Samsung tot up a hefty £4.52bn profit.

All told, global shipments of phones grew slightly to 386m in Q2. Feature phones are fast disappearing, to be replaced by smart phones: smart phones grew a meteoric 47 per cent in the past year to shift a record 230 million.

13.6 per cent of phones in shops in the second quarter of the year were iPhones, down from 16.6 per cent in Q2 last year. That's Apple's lowest market share since spring 2010.

Of course, Apple is still flogging iPhones like the proverbial warmed baked goods, trousering £4.5bn profit this spring despite falling iPad sales.

The dip in Apple share may be due to phone fans holding off for the new iPhone, especially in light of rumours that the iPhone 5S will be joined by a cheaper version. Both iPhones are expected later this year.

Can Samsung continue to claim its crown, or could Nokia, HTC or another contender take the title? Will Apple's cheaper iPhone take a bigger slice of the pie? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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