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Amazon will hire even more warehouse workers to respond to surge in orders

The company said it's bringing on 100,000 more employees in the US and Canada.


Amazon keeps hiring more workers to manage its rapid growth.

Helen H. Richardson/MediaNews Group/The Denver Post via Getty Images

Amazon's hiring binge in 2020 apparently isn't done yet.

The e-retailer said Monday it's hiring 100,000 more people in the US and Canada to work in its warehouses to help it manage the surge in online orders during the coronavirus pandemic.

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The announcement comes after the e-commerce juggernaut already hired 175,000 more US warehouse workers earlier this year. Amazon last week said it'll be holding a career day for another 33,000 job openings for tech and corporate workers.

All these thousands of job openings show how -- while the broader US economy has sputtered during the pandemic -- Amazon has seen huge gains thanks to millions of customers ordering more stuff online. Amazon isn't the only online retailer seeing a boost from consumer spending, with Walmart, Etsy and many others reporting big bumps in e-commerce sales.

Amazon may end up hiring even more seasonal workers to manage the busy holiday season, too, though it hasn't said anything about those plans yet. Last year, it hired 200,000 workers for the holiday season.

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