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Amazon Prime Video rolls out multiple profiles

Just in time as new kids shows are being made available.

Angela Lang/CNET

Amazon Prime Video is adding a new feature to its streaming service. Subscribers in the US will soon be able to set up multiple profiles for different family members to keep their favorite shows and movies separate from everyone else. 

The feature, spotted earlier by tech site XDA developers, lets you create up to six Prime Video Profiles for each account, including kids profiles, which show only age-appropriate TV shows and movies. Each profile will have personalized content and will get recommendations, a watch history, season progress and a watch list based on the profile activity, according to an Amazon help page on the feature. 

Profiles are available in "selected countries only" so far, and will be coming to the US sometime in the future.

Netflix, Hulu and the newest competitor, Disney Plus, already had the multiple profile feature. 

For those who don't have an Amazon Prime account, the company has some free shows for the kids to watch. Peppa Pig, Pete the Cat, and Fireman Sam are just some of the kid shows now made available to any Amazon account holder according to Deadline Monday. Users will need to log into their account and they'll have access to the shows, which is ideal for those who need to distract their children while working from home due to the coronavirus outbreak. 

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