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Amazon may join the map-app fray with reported NextUp buy

The company has closed a deal to buy a 3D mapping service called NextUp, which may mean an app for the Kindle Fire or an Amazon smartphone, an unnamed source tells GigaOm.

Amazon may have bought a 3D mapping company, which could signal the company's desire to jump on the mapping service bandwagon where Google and Apple have been slugging it out.

The company closed a deal to acquire UpNext, an up and coming 3D mapping startup, GigaOM reported today.

Neither Amazon or UpNext has not confirmed the deal yet, but we will update when we get more information.

UpNext's HD maps -- available for iPhone, iPad and Android -- boast a fast, seamless experience with 3D mapping, navigation and directory services for over 50 cities. The company has also worked with the NFL to develop the NFL Super Bowl XLVI Guide, which features a 3D map of Indianapolis and a rendered Lucas Oil Stadium.

Following Google's launch of its 7-inch Nexus 7 tablet last week, Amazon may be feeling the heat to amp up the features for its Kindle Fire. Currently, the Kindle Fire users need to use Android apps or online mapping services to help them get around.