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Amazon Appstore for Android leaks but Call of Duty excitement is misplaced

The home page of Amazon's Appstore for Android briefly went live yesterday, showing some of the games that will be available. They appear to be cheaper than they are in Google's own Android Market.

Amazon's new Appstore for Android is due to launch imminently, but its US home page briefly went live yesterday, giving a glimpse at some of the games and apps that will be available. Screenshots snapped before it was taken down reveal some price cuts compared to Google's own Android Market.

German site Androidnews gets the plaudits for enterprisingly tapping '' into a Web browser to see if anything came up. It certainly did. Forty-eight apps were shown via a horizontal slider, with icons and prices, and Androidnews has compiled them in a list, comparing prices to those in the Android Market.

One game that leaps out is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Force Recon, since it's not available in Google's own store. An exclusive? Sadly not: an Android game of that very name came out back in 2009, published by Glu Mobile, to mixed reviews. It's possible that there's a new version for the latest Android phones, but don't get your hopes up.

More interesting is the fact that some apps in the list appear to be cheaper in the Amazon Appstore than in the Android Market. Most of the savings are only 20 to 50 cents, but it hints that Amazon will be looking to offer discounts to its Android app customers in the same way it does for other products, like books.

We already know one game that will definitely be exclusive to Amazon's Appstore, for a while at least: Angry Birds Rio. Earlier this week, the game's developer, Rovio Mobile, said the Android version of its new movie-themed spin-off will only be hatching on Amazon for the time being.

The game is due out next week, so we're expecting Amazon's Appstore to go live properly in the coming days.