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Alternative Charging Methods

You have the stock usb charging method, the touchstone and now the desktop charger

Your sitting there working hard at you desk and you realize you need a charge but your touchstone and or stock usb charger are at home or in the other room. What do you do now? If you had a desktop charger you wouldn't face this issue. I myself am always on the go and need chargers in different rooms of my house and at work, the desktop charger is great to have so my Pre is always with me at my desk. I have noticed some pros and cons to the desktop charger and here is what I think.

PROS: Can have phone docked neatly in the corner and charging right at my desk since my charger is next to my bed (touchstone) Charges faster than the touchstone charger for cram time charging has backup battery charger so you can have a backup charged and ready to go at any time. Has status light on left edge to tell you when phone is charged completely as well as an additional for the battery.

CONS: Obnoxious blue LED light can get annoying and bright at night but can be easily fixed with some think double sided tape The cradle holds the phone well but has a little movement but fine if there is no chance of the phone get nudged or jolted from the desk. Not the cradles fault but had to mention back to usb charging which involves removing the usb plug. I have only used for a couple days but do find it very nice to have and of good quality on top of style. This very useful charger can be easily used anywhere and just plugs into your ordinary wall socket with a good length extension. I would without doubt recommend this cradle to Pre users everywhere and this can be found at USB FEVER LINK

Here is a video on the un-boxing that I did as well as a few pictures of it in use:

Thanks to Matthew Lutker
Thanks to Matthew Lutker
Thanks to Matthew Lutker