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Alleged Samsung Galaxy III details bubbling to the surface

Both hardware and software specifications have been teased online ahead of a presumed Mobile World Congress announcement.

An artist's rendition of a Samsung Galaxy S II. Ubergizmo

With Mobile World Congress bearing down on us next month, Android-related leaks continue to surface.

Such is the case with an oft-rumored Samsung Galaxy S II successor. If history is any indicator, then we should expect to see Samsung announce a followup device to last year's wildly popular Android smartphone.

And why not? It was at Mobile World Congress, after all, where Samsung unveiled the last two iterations of the handset.

So what would go into a new Galaxy device? If Eldar Murtazin is to be believed, then we are in for even more cutting-edge hardware.

Now, before I go any further, I have to point out that Murtazin's past record of Android leaks and inside tips hasn't been perfect. Whereas he was first to tell us that the Galaxy S II would feature a dual-core processor, he also was the guy who scared everyone with word that Gingerbread was going to have hardware requirements.

So in other words, the next bit of details will depend on how much stock you put into Eldar. Now might also be a good time to reach for the salt shaker.

Does Eldar have the inside track on Samsung's next flagship phone? Twitter

That said, this latest tidbit is too juicy to pas up. According to a handful of recent tweets, the Samsung Galaxy S III will come in both dual-core and quad-core iterations and feature 12-megapixel cameras. What's more, the phones are said to run Android 4.0 with a "tweaked" UI, likely Samsung's TouchWiz, and feature an HD display. Assuming the latter is true, we might expect to see a similar screen size (4.5 inches and above) and resolution (1,280x720 pixels) as the Galaxy Nexus.

There is mention as to how much memory or storage is included in the next-generation smartphone, but rumors have been floating around for some time. With numbers that range from as low as 1GB RAM and 16GB storage to as outlandish as 2GB RAM and 64GB storage, it's tough to say for sure.

As to when we might expect to see the handset, it would make sense to employ the same strategies as in the past. International models should begin rolling out in Q2 with U.S. editions arriving in the second half of the year.