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Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit is a 'wearable' smart phone

Alcatel's Onetouch Pop Fit is a budget smartie that comes with an armband, so you can strap it on while you exercise.

I know wearable tech is big business at the moment, but this is a little out of left field. It's called the Alcatel Onetouch Pop Fit, and it's a smart phone you can wear. Though sadly you strap it onto your arm rather than pull it on like a cardigan.

Like a lot of wearable devices, it's aimed squarely at fitness buffs, with a colourful plastic shell that's robust enough to take a few knocks. That houses a 2.8-inch screen, along with some decidedly low-end specs.

But let's focus on the positives. The pre-installed RunKeeper app keeps tabs on how much exercise you've done, so you can track your progress. It has a music player, and with 16GB or 32GB of storage, you'll fit plenty of tunes on there.

Four interchangeable covers come in the box, so you can pick one to match your outfit. The armband comes as standard as well, along with some JBL headphones. A translucent flip cover is also in the box, which has touch-sensitive keys for controlling music playback.

The specs aren't going to set the world alight. A dual-core 1GHz processor whirs away inside, and the 2.8-inch screen only has a resolution of 160x120 pixels. So movies, games and photos aren't going to look great on this thing.

But it's more forgivable when you consider the price. It'll go on sale in May for just €89 -- that's £73. Admittedly for a bit more cash you could get the excellent Motorola Moto G, but if you're after a fun phone to take out on a run, and one that you don't want to worry about dropping, it could be worth a look.

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Image credit: Sarah Tew/CNET