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Airfoil streaming software now available for Windows

Airfoil streaming software now available for Windows

Last week, Rogue Amoeba announced that its Airfoil software is available as a public beta for Windows. The software, which has long been available for the Mac, lets users send virtually any audio source to one or multiple Apple AirPort Express wireless networking devices. Without Airfoil, the AirPort Express can only stream audio from iTunes.

When used with the Airfoil software, the AirPort Express effectively joins the ranks of the recent handful of streaming audio products that can bypass digital rights management (DRM) restrictions. An Airfoil-enabled AirPort Express could be used to listen to just about anything: Rhapsody, personalized online radio services (Pandora and Last.fm, for example), Web streams of Sirius and XM Satellite Radio stations, or songs purchased from any online music store. Yes, the AirPort Express lacks some key features found on competing digital audio streaming devices, such as the front-panel display and the remote control functions of the Roku SoundBridge M1000 and Slim Devices Squeezebox. But those products don't have the universal compatibility promised by the Airfoil/AirPort Express combo.

The Airfoil demo is available from Rogue Amoeba's Web site, and upgrading to the full version costs a mere $25. For AirPort Express owners, it's definitely worth checking out.

Source: eHomeUpgrade