Adobe to host iPhone developers camp

Adobe to host iPhone developers camp

Ben Wilson

We have learned that Adobe plans to host the iPhone developers camp that will take place early next month (July 6th-8th). The gathering will be hosted at the San Francisco Adobe Office (see this flickr search for some venue pictures).

Yesterday we posted an interview with the conference's founder, Raven Zachary.

Zachary told us that while it may come as a surprise to some that Adobe is hosting the conference (in light of the iPhone's initial lack of Flash capabilities), it makes sense when you consider Adobe's desire to be at the forefront of Web development on all platforms, including the iPhone. No doubt the company will demonstrate Dreamweaver CS3 as an optimal solution for designing iPhone Web apps.

Adobe recently gave us its commentary on the iPhone's lack of Flash support saying:

"[...] It's important to note that our relationship with Apple continues to be strong.  It would make sense for them to use Flash on their phone given their desire to have a great mobile experience for their users."

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