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Adidas miCoach Smart Run watch UK price, release date

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run smart watch bursts out of the blocks on 1 November, costing £350 in Harrods.

The Adidas miCoach Smart Run smart watch bursts out of the blocks on 1 November, for £350.

The Smart Run monitors your exercise, recording your route via GPS when you hit the road or trails, and keeping its finger on your pulse with a built-in heart rate monitor.

As you work out, the watch gives you feedback and coaching by vibrating, flashing instructions on the 1.45-inch colour touchscreen, or telling you to dig deep on your Bluetooth headset.

Your exertion is then recorded to the Adidas miCoach fitness-focused online tracker and social network.

Adidas's new high-tech timepiece does a lot more than the new Nike FuelBand SE also unveiled this week. The FuelBand is a bracelet that records your activity and converts your exertions into NikeFuel points on the Nike+ website, but fitness fanatics are disappointed the new bracelet doesn't feature a heart rate monitor. Still, it's substantially cheaper than the Smart Run.

The Adidias miCoach Smart Run is on sale at Harrods and direct from Adidas.

The Smart Run is part of a pack of smart watches leading a new generation of wearable technology. It's focused on fitness rather than replacing your phone, unlike the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Sony SmartWatch 2 already talking to Android phones. Meanwhile the pace looks set to hot up with the hotly-rumoured Google Gem and Apple iWatch set to join the smart watch race.

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