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Add a splash of color to your iDevice with Touch Me Home-button stickers

For just $5 (plus an unfortunate shipping charge), you can buy a cool pack of colorful stickers to adorn your device's Home button.

Put a donut on your Home button with Strapya World's cute Touch Me stickers.
Put a donut on your Home button with Strapya World's cute Touch Me stickers.
Strapya World

You can have your iPhone, iPod, or iPad in any color you want--as long as it's black. Or white. So what happens if you want to dress up your device, to give it a dash of style? Or even just a dash of color?

There are plenty of jazzy-looking cases, of course, and if you really want to get funky, you can always choose a decal from an outfit like Skinit.

But if all you want is a small, simple, unique bit of flair, look no further than the Touch Me Button Stickers. Available in three styles, these cute little numbers fit over your iDevice's Home button--meaning they're compatible with all iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches.

Well, I think they're cute. (Go ahead and laugh. People do it all the time.) The Button style looks like, well, a button--you know, the kind that keeps your shirt together. Switch merely replicates the look of the Home button, but in different colors.

Strapya World

And then there's Donut. Mmmm...doughnut. These tasty-looking varieties would look right at home on Homer Simpson's iPhone.

Each pack comes with six stickers, all of which are raised (and therefore might just make the Home button a little easier to press).

Japanese seller Strapya World charges $4.60 (U.S.) per pack. The bad news is that shipping adds $12.90. (If anyone knows of a U.S.-based seller offering these things, please share the link!)

What do you think of the Touch Me stickers? A nice splash of color, or an affront to Apple's carefully crafted design? I await the debate in the comments.