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A sneak peek at the new Android Market

New screens of the updated Android Market.

We're receiving more tips as we approach the Motorola Android event on September 10. An Android Atlas reader with access to the Motorola Sholes sent in pictures that show off the new look for Android Market. The tip is unconfirmed, but based on the information that was provided, I'd say the screenshots are real. Please keep in mind that these reflect a work in progress and the final look could change.

The pictures below reveal an updated user interface. The new Market has buttons for Top Paid, Top Free, and Just In. There's also a search button in the upper corner of the screen. Most of these features were previously available, but were buried in the menu system. The top level listing also gives a preview of which apps are in each category.

The update appears to be mainly a face-lift, so there's no word on additional features. The tipster noted, however, that this version of the Market was available in a Donut build of Android. The Motorola Sholes will ship with Eclair, so we should see this Market update on other Android phones before Sholes launches later this year.

Android Market is getting a major overhaul. Filters for paid and free have been moved to the main screen. Anonymous
Each category now gives a preview of the apps it contains. Anonymous