A simple fix for the biggest annoyance of iOS Photos

You need not swipe to get back to your most recent photos.

Matt Elliott Senior Editor
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Matt Elliott
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Matt Elliott/CNET

And to think it was right under my nose -- and fingertip -- the entire time.

Thanks to Cult of Mac (seriously, thank you, Cult of Mac), I have been able to remove the biggest annoyance of the stock iOS Photos app. And that is the furious swiping I believed was required to return to the most recent photos at the bottom of my camera roll when I accidentally jumped to the top or somewhere else in the distant photo past.

We've all been there, innocently browsing through your photos when you accidentally tap the top of your screen and are immediately taken to the top of your camera roll, where your oldest photos reside. My method for returning to the the bottom was to zoom out to the Years view, scroll down to the current year and then drill back down to Moments. My method was faster than scrolling through year after year of my grid of photos in the Moments view, but some scrolling was still required to get to the most recent photos after drilling back down to the Moments view from Collections and Years.

Just one tap

It turns out, swiping is not required. You can return to your most recent photos with a single, simple tap. Just tap the Photos tab at the bottom of the Photos app and -- boom! -- you'll be staring at your most recent photos.

This trick also works for the Albums view -- just tap the Albums tab to return to the bottom and most recent photos of any album.

You are less likely to accidentally jump to the oldest photos in the Memories or Shared tabs because these two views are organized the opposite of the Photos and Albums tab, chronologically speaking. That is, the newest photos are at the top, so tapping the top of your screen will take you to the most recent photos. Should you get in the habit of tapping the tabs in the bottom menu bar to go to your most recent photos, however, then you should know that tapping the Memories or Shared tab will bring you to the top of either view, where your most recent photos reside.

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