A Quick Battery Life Test

I put the Pre's battery through some paces.

Matthew Carruth

A night turned off and plugged into the charger yielded nothing. I woke up the next morning, turned the phone on and had a 9% battery. Turns out I had plugged into the wrong wall socket, one that is tied to my wall switch, and thus had never given it a charge.

Luckily, this allowed me to charge it from a near-zero battery state to see how long it would take. The result: a robust hour plus a little change gave me a full battery charge.

Taking the phone out with me Friday to the Seattle International Beer Fest would provide a nice test of the the phone's battery life. I used the camera app, spent some time on the web looking up the various beers, used the downloaded GoodFood app to look up nearby eateries and was constantly texting as I coordinated with friends where we were.

After a full day of rather heavy use, the battery was getting rather low, but it never ran out. Admittedly it is early into my test of the Pre, but so far, based on the highly scientific test of gut feelings, I have no complaints about the Pre's charge time or battery life. It seems on par with my previous Centro.