A photo frame with a SIM card

Parrot's new DF7700 digital photo frame has a SIM card and a phone number that will allow it to receive multimedia messages sent from a cell phone.

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Kent German
Parrot DF7700 Parrot

At CTIA next week, Parrot is showing a digital photo frame that can receive pictures sent from a cell phone in a multimedia message. The Parrot DF7700 is the first digital photo frame (as least that we know of) with an integrated SIM card and dedicated phone number. The phone number will allow you to send photos directly from your camera phone to the DF7700. And in case you don't want to send a multimedia message, you also can add photos to the frame using its mini-USB port or its multiformat memory card slot. The DF7700 does not offer Bluetooth.

Set into a black leather frame, the DF7700 features a 7-inch display (720x480 pixels) that supports 262,000 colors. It comes with a variety of features including adjustable backlighting and brightness settings. Also, it will adjust the orientation of photos automatically when you change the position of the frame from landscape to portrait. Its internal memory capacity is 500 images in JPEG or GIF format.

We don't have pricing information or a release date just yet, but we do know the DF7700 will be available in North America. We'll be sure to check it out in Las Vegas.