Galaxy S24 Software Update Should Tackle Display and Camera Concerns

Samsung is launching the update based on user feedback, following complaints about the display and camera.

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Samsung Galaxy S24
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The Galaxy S24 lineup is getting a software update that will bring more display setting options and upgrades to various camera functions, Samsung announced Wednesday. The update comes after various complaints about the Galaxy S24's display and camera have surfaced online.

The update, which will begin rolling out to the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus and S24 Ultra on Feb. 22, will allow users to adjust the display's vividness level with a slider under the display settings. That addition is particularly important considering users have complained in Samsung's user forums and on Reddit about the current vivid setting appearing too washed-out. A user on X who goes by the alias Ice Universe, and frequently leaks upcoming Samsung products, recently reported that the tech giant was working on this fix. 

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Samsung is also making changes to camera shooting styles such as zoom, night mode and portrait mode, as well as video recording with the rear camera system. The company hasn't specified what those updates will entail, but it follows complaints that have appeared online about the S24 Ultra's zooming capabilities. X user S M A Sithick posted about an issue when shifting from 1x to 5x zoom on the Galaxy S24 Ultra, for example, and also called portraits "grainy." 

Samsung didn't cite these gripes specifically, but said in a blog post that the changes are "based on your feedback." CNET didn't experience any of the issues mentioned above on our Galaxy S24 review units. 

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Aside from camera and display updates, the new software should also improve language recognition and accuracy, according to a Samsung representative. That's important because the Galaxy S24's new language translation tools as part of Galaxy AI are among its headlining new features. 

Samsung isn't the only major tech company to face complaints regarding a major smartphone launch. Apple released a software update in October after some users had reported an overheating issue with the iPhone 15 Pro. Google also updated the Pixel 8 Pro after CNET's Andrew Lanxon and Stephen Shankland noticed issues with its camera

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