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A Carded Web

Finally, I can browse the web and text simultaneously.

The Pre's refresh button
The Pre's refresh button Matthew Carruth\CNET

smIt is not uncommon for me to attempt to follow a sporting event while away from a radio, TV or home computer source. Up until now, I have relied on my phone, the Palm Centro, to keep me informed and for the most part it did a serviceable job. There were two main issues though, both of which I am extremely pleased to find out the Pre has solved.

First, whenever because the Centro's web browser would not auto-refresh, following sports required me to constantly refresh the page manually. In the Centro, using Opera Mini, I would have to click through the Menu and Tools headers to reach the refresh option. Not a procedure well designed for fast repetition.

The Pre seemed to have been designed with this in perfect mind, putting a refresh button with on the bottom bar of the browser.

Navigating between Pre cards
Navigating between Pre cards Matthew Carruth\CNET

The second big issue with browsing the web, and one that appears hardly unique to my old Centro was that the phone was unable to multitask. While browsing the web, I was unable to place a phone call or send a text message. The browser would simply quit. With the Pre, and its innovative card system in webOS.